My Experience in Detroit


There was a time, this past June, where I was called upon to interview with Campbell Ewald, an advertising agency in Detroit. I had a vested interest in graphic design for print, and they immediately took notice of my determination and motivation. I was nervous and jittery throughout the entire interview – I knew it was promising, but I was not confident going in. I left the building feeling like I blew it.

I still had a couple days to spend in the great Motor City, but it was getting late and I just wanted to sleep off what was all over my mind. I hopped on a bus to get going back towards the hotel. As I sat down, I was greeted by a man – a gentleman, he was. We chatted for quite some time, and I told him about how I was disappointed in myself with the interview. He whispered to me, “there’s something better out there for you. You just need to keep looking, and keep your head up.” I asked where he was headed, and he said he was heading to the airport to meet a client in Indianapolis. He told me about how his company operates and manages all of the software and scheduling they deal with. I found it to be very impressive.

His stop was before mine, and before he got up, he shook my hand, and advised me to check out his company website at He informed me that there’s opportunity everywhere, and that I just need to open my eyes up to new possibilities in order to claim a stake of that opportunity. I wasn’t 100% sure what he meant by that; I assumed he meant more jobs out there.

Now I’ve come to realize that the true meaning of what he said in that moment was deeper than what I saw on the surface. I believe he was telling me that I have the drive and passion to be successful, without needing a company to tell me that I am. Ever since that Detroit trip, I’ve felt a huge shift in my mindset and have been more strategic in selecting which companies that I apply to. So, I want to thank you, sir, for opening up my eyes to possibility. This has been the biggest step for me in my career, and I’m sure he could impact yours – I highly recommend you check him out, you can learn more about Garrett Suzak and his company through the articles he is posting on his social media.

It’s been quite the ride so far. Thanks for reading; check back for more!

Employers Doing Background Checks – What I’ve Learned & Transcribed

Over two-thirds of companies perform criminal background checks on every one of their prospective employees as per a 2012 study by the Society of Human Resource Management. In the meantime, the amount of American people with records has increased drastically recently. Based on the 2013 testimony of a Justice Department authority, a shocking 1 in 3 American citizens has some sort of criminal history, which generally consists of an arrest that didn’t result in a conviction, a conviction that didn’t lead to jail time or a conviction for a non-violent criminal offense. Usually, those details are pushed into over-broad background checks that subsequently disqualify candidates from job opportunities.
Ever increasing numbers of jurisdictions presently are banning introductory queries regarding employment applicants’ criminal records. However, endorsers propose a plan that will go a measure farther: to cover nonviolent, low-level offenses that happen to be in excess of 10 years old, in effect inhibiting employers from finding out about a possible employee’s criminal record from that point in time has lapsed.
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse has put together a short film regarding Background Checks that I’ve found very useful.