E.G. Flewellen's
Wild Flower Honey

This wildflower honey, produced from June through August includes nectars collected from blackberry, California toyon, elderberry, pepper trees, sweet anise and thistle, among others. Though it varies from batch to batch, this honey is robust without being overwhelming. Clear notes of anise ac- cent the rich caramel and butter-flavored base. Red-amber in color, it has a beautiful body and a long, pleasing finish which is peppery at the end.

  • —E.G. Flewellen's Early Spring Wildflower Honey
  • —E.G. Flewellen's Late Spring Wildflower Honey
  • —E.G. Flewellen's Midsummer Wildflower Honey

E.G. Flewellen's
Wild Blackberry Jam

Hand picked locally from wild brambles, there is nothing like it anywhere. Moisture at the roots and hot, dry sun at the surface makes for a fine and tasty wild blackberry. Earl seeks out the best spots and picks enough to can about 15 to 20 cases a season.

Mike and Della's
Seasonal Jams and Jellies

Earl's parents live on 24 acres in Louisiana where he grew up. They grow an array of fruits amenable to the humid conditions of the South including citrus trees, muscadine grapes and wild mayhaw. Offered seasonally depending on availability.

  • —Wild Southern Mayhaw Jelly
  • —Blueberry Jelly

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